Academic Programs

Manna U programs combine classroom instruction from experienced faculty with practical ministry, all designed to equip you to fulfill God’s calling.

Let’s face it – there are plenty of great colleges out there. Many colleges have competent instructors who can share information; Manna University focuses on personal transformation – our faculty bring to the table the academic credentials to teach with excellence, and our students can also draw from their years of ministry experience to foster personal growth and practical ministry skills. Take the next step to activate your leadership.

Whether you want a career in ministry or in the marketplace, or just want practical training to improve your own walk with God, Manna University has a program for you. All of our Undergraduate programs have a core of Bible and Theology courses, so that no matter your Calling, you have a foundation built on God’s Word.

Changing colleges can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. At Manna University, we have multiple options for transfer credit. Whether you want to transfer in one class, or an entire Associate’s Degree, our team is willing to consider your previous college coursework. You can also send an unofficial transcript to for a no-strings-attached transfer credit estimate.


Bible & Theology

Certificate, Bachelors, Graduate Certificate, Masters
These programs facilitate academic preparation for preaching, teaching, Bible-based ministry, and further biblical studies. Students will learn fundamentals of the Christian Scriptures in terms of content, interpretation, and application.

Christian Counseling

Bachelors, Graduate Certificate
These programs are designed for non-clinical biblical counseling in a church context. At the Undergraduate level, the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling is designed to prepare students for Graduate programs in Christian Counseling or related fields, combining counseling techniques and theories, practical experience, and a core of Bible and Theology courses. The Graduate Certificate in Christian Counseling is designed for those looking to supplement their existing education with formal training in Christian Counseling.

Christian Leadership

Certificate, Associates, Bachelors, Graduate Certificate, Masters
These programs of study equip students to learn and apply sound Biblical leadership training such as values, vision, planning, motivation, and organizational development to embrace, understand, and live as an effective ministry leader. Special attention to sound research and critical thinking are applied across all degrees in Christian Leadership.

Church Leadership

This one-year program is ideal for people who are already working in ministry in either paid or lay capacities, but desire additional formal biblical training. The courses required for this program provide solid biblical and ministry training while also providing some flexibility regarding ministry focus between Pastoral Ministry and Christian Counseling.


Associates, Masters
Programs in Divinity are Manna U’s largest and most diverse academic offerings. At the Undergraduate level, the AA in Divinity provides a core of Bible/Theology, General Education, and Leadership courses, with the option for ministry electives among Christian Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Counseling, and Intercultural Studies courses. At the Graduate level, the Master of Divinity is designed as a terminal degree for vocational ministers and Military Chaplains. Our M.Div. is a recognized program of study for Chaplain Candidates across all US military branches.

Intercultural Studies

Certificate, Associates, Bachelors
The Intercultural Studies programs are designed to prepare students to engage in missions work in a cross-cultural or global setting. This program emphasizes leadership within cross-cultural and global contexts, in addition to 30 hours in Bible and Theology coursework.


Graduate Certificate, Doctoral
These graduate programs prepare experienced pastors and Christian leaders to advance their knowledge in effective ministry strategies and tactics. Students will learn essential leadership principles for ministry in a growing local church as well as contemporary apologetics.

Religious Studies

This graduate program prepares Christian leaders in attaining a graduate degree that is focused to meet their unique goals and interests for the purpose of training for ministry within the local church and also within the marketplace. This flexible interdisciplinary degree allows students to pursue training in their areas of interest within the course offerings of Manna University, built around a core of Biblical and Theological training.

theExperience College Internship

Certificate, Associates
This internship accompanies any Undergraduate Certificate or Associates degree program to provide world-class leadership training from one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing churches. Full-time Undergraduate students at the Fayetteville, NC campus can receive practical hands-on training outside of the classroom.

Worship Ministry

Certificate, Associates, Bachelors
These Undergraduate programs equip students interested in Worship Ministry within the local church. Students receive practical training through instrumental and/or vocal lessons by experienced musicians, as well as regular participation in worship teams at their local church. Special emphasis is given to leading and developing leaders within the context of worship teams. Please note: For online students, applied lessons and practical worship experience takes place locally for the student. Online students can complete this degree.
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