Building Leaders Together

Manna U exists to make your life easier by coming alongside you to train up transformational leaders from your local church body or other organization helping you to build a strong leadership team.  Let us help you to prepare your leaders through sound biblical leadership training and equip them to serve your people well.

It’s Easier Than You Think

We have flexible options when it comes to choosing the way you want to host courses at your location. Manna U will handle registration, financial aid, advising, enrollment, faculty hiring and more. Start by becoming a Mentoring Center, Site or simply hosting a Manna U representative to inform your organization of what Manna U has to offer.


Mentoring Center

As a Mentoring Center students from your organization attend Manna U online or on the Manna U campus. You can mentor them according to a schedule and mentoring style that meets your needs.

Manna U Site

As a Manna U site, courses all the way up to 49% of a program could physically meet at your location with our faculty or qualified faculty at your location. Courses can also be online or a hybrid tailored to your specific needs.

Invite Manna U To Your Location

If you would like to have a Manna U representative at a Sunday Service, youth event, school event, recruiting fair, or other gathering, please contact us below. We can set up a table in your foyer, or inform through live or digital media what Manna U has to offer to assist your organization in sound biblical leadership training.