These scholarships have been developed to assist students in their pursuit of education at Manna University.  The amazing men and women behind these scholarships fulfilled God’s calling on their lives and no doubt have heard “well done.”  Now, these scholarships, endowed in their names, can be passed on to others willing to answer the call, so that they will not be hindered financially.

Scholarships are awarded to participants who meet the criteria of the scholarship for which they have applied, based on a balance of their merit and need.

Please note: Manna University’s policy states that students may receive one funded and one unfunded scholarship at a time. Consult with the Dean of Students to learn more or ask any questions by emailing .

Determining Need

In order to determine need, the scholarship application calls for an applicant’s EFC number.  The first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®), designating Manna University as the school you are interested in attending.  Manna U’s federal school code is 041737.

Submitting Scholarships

Scholarship applications must be submitted by the time-frame given. If they are not submitted by the given deadline, they will not be accepted. 

Available Scholarships

Notes on scholarships

Unfunded Scholarships

  • These scholarships are tuition discounts. Students who receive financial aid of any sort (including federal financial aid through student grants or loans, and Military Education Benefits) are not eligible for them.
  • Applications for “unfunded” scholarships should be submitted by returning students one month before the semester and by new students by the add/drop date of the first semester for which the scholarship is being applied.
  • Unfunded scholarships can only be applied toward the student’s current and future semesters and expire either at the end of the current academic year or at the conclusion of any semester if the recipient becomes ineligible. To maintain eligibility, all student accounts must be paid in full by the end of each semester or before the start of the following semester. Recipients must continuously meet the requirements of eligibility. Recipients must re-apply for these scholarships each academic year prior to the start of each semester.

Funded Scholarships

  • Funds disbursed to cover present tuition and fees in the student’s account, to be awarded based on eligibility requirements and current funds available.
  • Applications for “funded” scholarships should be submitted by returning students one month before the semester and by new students by the add/drop date of the first semester for which the scholarship is being applied. 

Omega Nu Lambda Scholarship

Ola Mae Hands Scholarship

Multiply Church Leader Scholarship

mPact Churches Pastors’ Scholarship

LifeLong Learner Scholarship

Joshua S. Teague Memorial Scholarship

International Fellowship of Chaplains Scholarship

Dawn Galloway Memorial Scholarship

Anita Louise (Gaynor) Scott Memorial Scholarship