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Intercultural Studies

Cross-cultural ministry has changed dramatically in the digital age. Globalization has made the world smaller, but has also facilitated cross-cultural communications. At Manna University, we believe that intercultural communication and ministry originate within the local church. Furthermore, we believe that each ethno-linguistic people group should have its own expression of the local church. To this end, we emphasize that the role of the Western Church in intercultural ministry is to equip Christians to serve in their native countries without Western interference.  

This program, as with all Manna University programs, emphasizes leadership as a key piece of ministry development. Students are also required to take a specialized Intercultural Communication course geared towards a specific region of the world/people group. Particular focus is given to team leadership in a global context.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I required to go on a mission trip as a part of this program?

    Currently, no. However, students may take MIS 410- Missions Practicum to directly tie field experience to their academic study.

  • Do your faculty have experience in cross-cultural communications and ministry?

    Yes! Our faculty have diverse experience working cross-culturally in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and among North American Indigenous Peoples. 

  • How does this degree equip me to minister cross-culturally?

    This program emphasizes principles of leadership and cultural aptitude to make you an effective communicator and leader in a cross-cultural setting.