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Christian Leadership

This program equips students to learn and apply sound Biblical leadership training such as values, vision, planning, motivation, and organizational development to embrace, understand, and live as an effective Christian leader. This program of study is suited to the student who desires extensive training for the purpose of leadership in the local church, non-profit, or workplace. Students will learn to understand how to apply Christian and organizational leadership knowledge, theories, and skills within a global context. Through course content and experienced faculty, in both ministry and marketplace leadership roles, the student will be able to learn but also be coached through this process. We are all called to leadership in some way, but not all the same way. This program is designed to equip you for leadership to wherever God has called you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can you do with a degree in Christian Leadership?

    A degree in Christian Leadership from Manna U helps prepare you for leadership roles in various environments, that may include leadership within a church, ministry, non-profit or for-profit organization. Basically, whatever environment you are in, this can help prepare you to lead people, teams, ministries, organizations, and/or businesses. 

  • What type of courses are in the Christian Leadership programs?

    These undergraduate courses include Bible and Theology, General Education, Ministry, as well as Christian Leadership courses. Some of those leadership courses include the following:

      1. Mentoring and Coaching
      2. Psychology of a Leader
      3. Foundations of Marketing
      4. Servant Leadership
      5. Introduction to Organizational Leadership
      6. Collaborative Teams and Innovation
  • Why should I choose Christian Leadership over the other majors?

    The way into the future for the human race is effective good leadership. This is a broader program for those in leadership in various contexts. The other majors are more specific. If you feel called to preaching and biblical studies, the divinity program may be a better fit. The same with the intercultural, worship, and counseling programs, they are concentrated to those areas. Christian Leadership can help in all those fields since all need and have leadership components, but the focus in this program is preparing effective Christian leaders, no matter the area or field they are called.