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Worship Ministry

At Manna University, we believe that the practice of effective worship ministry demands not only musical excellence, but also the ability to lead teams in an ever-changing local church environment. Worship leaders are expected to lead and develop teams of unpaid musicians donating their time to the service of the church. They are not only responsible for the musical development and resourcing of their teams, but also serve as key disciple-makers within the Body.   

To this end, the Worship Ministry program at Manna University equips emerging worship leaders for both worship and leadership. In addition to courses in Worship and Music theory, students in this program hone the skills learned in the classroom through a series of practical ensemble courses completed at their local church, applied lessons on the instrument(s) of their choice, and opportunities to practice leadership development of worship teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I complete the program completely online?

    Yes! Classes do require that you are actively serving in a local church so that you can record your experiences and our Applied Instrumental classes will require a coach to guide your progression. However, all of the courses can be completed online. 

  • Do I need to play an instrument to complete the degree?

    Yes. To complete the Applied Instrumental courses, you must be coached on a particular instrument such as guitar, piano or vocal studies. 

  • What can I do with a degree in worship?

    Our program trains and equips you to lead worship teams in your local church. With a worship degree from Manna University, you will be prepared to not only lead the music of Sunday worship experiences but also to be a valuable member of the administration in your local church. 

  • Does this program require an audition?

    Yes. Those seeking a major or minor (Bachelor’s Degree only) in Worship Ministry must audition with the Program Director or their designated representative prior to admission to the university. Applicants who are not eligible for admission to the Worship Ministry program but are otherwise admitted to the university will need to select a different program.