Mentoring Mondays for Manna U and the Community

The classroom setting at Manna University is an invaluable tool we use to educate, equip and empower our students. However, education can happen in many different formats and ways, both inside and outside the classroom. One of the biggest areas in which we grow and learn is through life lessons. This semester we will bring in seasoned leaders from various areas to share their life experiences with you. These leaders will talk about their wins in life and the lessons they’ve learned. We hope through sharing their experiences you will receive an impartation of wisdom in your life. These sessions will be interactive, and questions are always welcomed and encouraged. A few of the topics that will be discussed are church leadership, church planting, intercultural studies, cross-cultural ministry, community chaplaincy, military chaplaincy, worship ministry, Christian counseling, and other lessons that support the greatest commandment and the great commission. In addition, many of the leaders who will be presenting are Manna U alumni or current students. Key concepts that may be discussed include recognizing that failure is not fatal, learning to juggle responsibilities well, and learning how to do all things with excellence. Join us this semester as we continue to learn and grow through our Manna University community.

SPRING Schedule

2023 Spring Schedule

All Mentoring Monday sessions are scheduled from 7:00-8:30PM Eastern Time unless otherwise noted.


January 23: Michael Fletcher. Michael has decades of experience as a pastor, mentor, father, and with an apostolic ministry. Michael will share his life experiences and answer any questions you may have. 

January 30: Jonathan Fletcher. Jonathan is the teaching pastor at Manna Church. He will be sharing his experiences as a teaching pastor, how to write and deliver sermons, as well as answer questions anyone has. 

February 6: Stephen Fletcher. Stephen is a wealth manager. He helps clients invest and grow their finances so they can do kingdom work. Stephen will be talking about money and sharing his experiences in finance and how it relates to kingdom work. 

February 13: Anna Wiggins. Anna is a site director at Manna Church, as well as overseas the care ministry. She will be discussing her experiences as a woman in leadership.

February 27: Jim Murphy. Jim is a retired chaplain with the US Army and an adjunct professor at Manna U. Jim will be sharing his experiences as a Chaplain. 

March 6: Stefanie Ertel. Stefanie is the Dean of Distance Education at Manna U and an adjunct professor. Stefanie will share her life experiences and the role of women in leadership. 

March 13: Susan Blaylock. Susan is the Dean of Students at Manna University. She spent most of her life overseas in the mission field. Susan will be sharing her life experiences and her experiences in the mission field. 

March 20: Jeff Christensen. Jeff is a Site Pastor at Manna Church and an adjunct professor with Manna U. Jeff will share his life experiences and role as a pastor. 

March 27: Christopher Fletcher. Chris is the lead pastor at Manna Church Fayetteville. He will share his experiences as a pastor and how to return to the fundamentals of Christianity to live a fuller life. 

April 3: Carlos Sanchez. Carlos is an Active Duty Army soldier and adjunct professor at Manna University. Carlos will share his military experience and the need for intercultural studies.