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Church Leadership

This one-year program is ideal for people who are already working in ministry in either paid or lay capacities, but desire additional formal biblical training. The courses required for this program provide solid biblical and ministry training while also providing some flexibility regarding ministry focus between Pastoral Ministry and Christian Counseling.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to take courses like Math or College Writing in this program?

    No! This certificate is built entirely around essential training for ministry.

  • Who is this certificate for?

    This certificate is for those in vocational ministry who do not have formal Biblical training, or those who are in lay ministry or church planting and wish to have the essential tools to walk-out their calling.

  • How long does this degree take to complete?

    This degree can be completed in less than a year through our Multiply Church Leader Program, designed specifically in partnership with Manna Church to build better leaders, faster. Students interested in going part-time can complete the program as well, though the completion time varies.

  • I am a Microsite Leader at Manna Church. Is this a good program for me?

    Absolutely! This program was designed by Microsite Leaders and Manna’s Multiply Pastor with Multiply in mind.

  • If I earn this Certificate, and want to stay at Manna U, do all of these courses apply to Associate of Arts or Bachelor of Arts degrees?

    Yes. The courses in this certificate apply to other Undergraduate degrees at Manna University.

  • What Bachelor's Degree program most closely aligns with this certificate?

    Our Bachelor of Arts in Divinity most closely aligns with the Certificate in Church Leadership.