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These programs facilitate academic preparation for preaching, teaching, Bible-based ministry, and further graduate studies. Students will learn fundamentals of biblical Hebrew and Greek as well as advanced skills in biblical exegesis, including both Old and New Testament Exegesis.

The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies Program  (M.A.B.S.) is a Bible-research based graduate degree designed to prepare emerging leaders for preaching, teaching, Bible-based ministry, and further graduate studies in the fields of Bible and theology. Students in this program learn fundamentals of biblical Greek and Hebrew as well as advanced skills in biblical research and writing. Plus, students learn from accomplished faculty with years of ministry experience.

The M.A.B.S. is for anyone who desires graduate level training designed to dig deeper into God’s word. In this program you’ll learn how to apply advanced hermeneutics to a variety of contexts. You’ll explore every book of the Bible, biblical languages, biblical leadership, and put it all together in a graduate thesis (written project).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I “do” with a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies degree?

    This degree is ideal for those in Pastoral Ministry who preach or teach, those interested in a career in Biblical Studies or Theology, or those who already have a Bachelor’s Degree and want to know more about the Bible.

  • Does this degree require you to take a Biblical language course?

    Yes. This degree requires all students to take both MBIB 506- Biblical Greek I and MBIB 507- Biblical Hebrew I, as well as exegetical courses utilizing Greek and Hebrew. 

  • My Bachelor’s Degree isn’t in Biblical Studies/Divinity/Etc. Can I still pursue this degree?

    Absolutely! This degree includes both Old and New Testament Introduction, which teach both content and underlying hermeneutical theories behind the study of both the Old and New Testaments.