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Programs in Divinity are Manna U’s largest and most diverse academic offerings. At the Undergraduate level, the AA and BA in Divinity provide a core of Bible/Theology, General Education, and Leadership courses, with the option for ministry electives among Christian Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Counseling, and Intercultural Studies courses. At the Graduate level, the Master of Divinity is designed as a terminal degree for vocational ministers and Military Chaplains. Our M.Div. is a recognized program of study for Chaplain Candidates across all US military branches.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't want to be a Pastor. Could a Divinity degree still be a good fit for me?

    Absolutely! Our Divinity students have a variety of goals and careers. Whether you want to go into vocational ministry, lead a nonprofit, or just learn more about the Bible, our Divinity programs might be a good fit for you.

  • What does a Divinity degree include?

    Divinity is the best all-around program for those interested in vocational ministry. At the Undergraduate level, students have a core of Bible/Theology and General Education Courses, as well as the essential courses necessary for work in vocational ministry. Additionally, students have the opportunity to explore, through elective courses, the fields of Christian Counseling, Christian Leadership, or Intercultural Studies.

  • Do I have to take Greek or Hebrew in this degree?

    It depends entirely upon your degree-level. For Associate of Arts students, Greek is optional. For Bachelor of Arts students, three credit hours of Greek are mandatory. For Master of Divinity students, it depends on your Track. M.Div. students in a Biblical Studies Track will need to take six hours of Biblical Language coursework and six hours of Exegetical coursework.

  • I want to become a Military Chaplain. Is a Divinity degree the right path?

    If you already have a Bachelor’s Degree, and are looking to become a Military Chaplain, then our M.Div. is the logical next step for you. If you do not yet have a Bachelor’s Degree, you’ll need to complete one before moving-on to an M.Div.

  • I just want to learn more about the Bible. Is this the right program for me?

    Absolutely! A great first place to start would be our Associate of Arts in Divinity. You’ll get a core of Biblical content, some General Education courses necessary for success as a college student, and some electives that can help you discover what God has next for you. Students who already have a degree, or who aren’t worried about General Education courses and want to get right to Biblical training should consider our Certificate in Church Leadership program.