Online Learning

Work Toward an Accredited Degree Program at one of the Best Online Bible Colleges in the Nation

Manna U’s online learning is designed to give students:


Greater control over their learning experience


Increased engagement with course material and classmates through online discussion boards


Freedom to tailor their weekly studies to their own learning pace


The ability to complete every degree or certificate program entirely online


A more convenient education platform for leaders in full-time ministry, military service members, working professionals, out-of-state students, or students with unique life circumstances


The opportunity to earn a degree or certificate and not be hindered financially

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100% Online

All of Manna U’s degree programs can be completed entirely online. It is our desire to help you find and fulfill the call of God on your life in establishing the kingdom of God on the earth.

How We Stack Up

Flexible, Low-Cost Learning

Complete a degree without going into debt

69% of Manna U students receive financial aid or scholarships, and the GI Bill® is accepted. Our generous transfer credit policy helps students move quickly toward their degree. All of Manna U’s certificates and degrees can be completed online.