From Intern to Director: Dee Bowie as the New Director for theEXPERIENCE College Internship

by Kimiko Gray Deandra “Mama Dee” Bowie’s internship journey began at a Manna Students Thanksgiving “stu” (an old-fashioned term for “student group event”) in 2016. Pastor Nick Ertel, theExperience director at the time, had an internship booth for anyone who wanted information on the program. After speaking with Pastor Nick, Dee was excited to learn … Read more

Program Highlight: Worship Ministry

Program Highlight: Worship Ministry by Jennifer Poling Bachelor of Arts in Worship Ministry student intern with theExperience College Internship There is a presumption that surrounds the idea of worship ministry; that those who are involved in the ministry are something like rock stars. But what if I told you that at the core of it … Read more

Charisma Media interview with Dr. Crowther: Training Emerging Leaders

  ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP TELLS US WHAT WORKS – THEOLOGY TELLS US WHY IT WORKS Leadership development is a growing need in the twenty-first century. “Many times, the problems we have in organizations actually can be traced to ineffective leadership or mistaken concepts of leadership.” This applies to followers of Christ in any role where they … Read more