Fight For Peace Talent Showcase


Fight For Peace Talent Showcase


     As the new year comes around people will be talking about their resolutions. Other people will talk about the new year bringing peace. Manna Church set out to achieve peace when they hosted the 2nd Annual Fight For Peace Talent Showcase.

Manna Church in conjunction with theExperience interns hosted an event on December 4th to combat the rising teen violence. This event had 13 students from different high schools come out to audition for a chance to win a prize. The acts ranged from singing, spoken word, to highland dancing. Several of the students had written their own songs for the performance.

The winners were: Sofia Perez, who sang and performed an original song, won third place and a prize of $100, second place and $200 went to Emagen, a dancing duo who did a comedy dance skit inspired by the Les Twins duo, and in first place was Ian with a spoken word won $300.

(Sofia Perez third place winner)

Fight-for-peace-manna-church-student-ministries-3 (Emagen second place winners)

Fight-for-peace-manna-church-student-ministries-3(Ian first place winner) 

     This event was created to bring awareness to the teen violence happening in the Fayetteville and Cape Fear Region.

Manna U students, who are part of the Experience internship which partners with Manna Church, helped facilitate and execute the event. There were also two students who represented the Fayetteville Cumberland Youth Council. These students, Ashley and Makala, spoke against bullying in the schools. Ashley also helped form an anti bullying committee within the council.

The Talent Showcase was a chance for students and families to get together for one night to learn about teen violence and to have a night of fun. This event was perfect for the coming year as the Fayetteville region continues its battle with teen violence and its cry for peace.