Building Resilient Leaders: Manna U Faculty Member Publishes New Book on Leadership

  Building Resilient Leaders: Manna U Faculty Member Publishes New Book on Leadership By Frank Brazell As a teenager Carlo Serrano sensed a call from God into ministry to study the Bible and teach people about Jesus. His practical plan was to go to a Bible College and study pastoral ministry and theology: “There’s a … Read more

Data-Infused Learning for 21st Century Ministry

[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=” av_uid=’av-jvif9htj’ admin_preview_bg=”] DATA-INFUSED LEARNING FOR 21st CENTURY MINISTRY by Chris Fletcher The local church has always sought to know the people that attend that local church every weekend. Who are they? Are they coming back next week? Is there a “thing” that we do that helps retain guests? … Read more

Charisma Media interview with Dr. Crowther: Training Emerging Leaders

  ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP TELLS US WHAT WORKS – THEOLOGY TELLS US WHY IT WORKS Leadership development is a growing need in the twenty-first century. “Many times, the problems we have in organizations actually can be traced to ineffective leadership or mistaken concepts of leadership.” This applies to followers of Christ in any role where they … Read more

21st Century Apologetics: Diplomacy through Conversations

21st Century Apologetics: Diplomacy through Conversations Many authors have commented on the erosion of belief in absolute truth among Western societies. The rise of relativistic thinking in post-modern America seems to discard long-accepted ideas like a heliocentric solar system in favor of a flat-earth theory. Relativism is commonly expressed as “My truth is my truth; … Read more

Student Spotlight: Vonnie Bellamy

Vonnie faithfully attended church most of her life, but was unsure about going back to college after a long break from school. Manna U’s helpful staff and student body encouraged her to take the next step. What made you decide to take classes at Manna U? One day as I was driving on Cliffdale Road, … Read more

Bachelor of Divinity Degree

<h2>Bachelor of Divinity Degree</h2> The Bachelor of Divinity program is a four-year course of study suited to the student who desires extensive training for the purpose of leadership in the local church. The program consists of 96 credit hours of required courses and 24 credit hours of elective study, relevant to leadership and educational ministries. Courses … Read more