Not My Plans: Student Spotlight – Sade’ Wilson

by Frank Brazell Sade’ Wilson, the child of Army parents, didn’t grow up in any one city, but she did grow up in one place— the Church. She started to take her relationship with God seriously at the age of 15, and after a conversation with a woman while at church, life began to change: … Read more

Equipped to Lead: Alumni Spotlight- Mackenzie Gear

by Frank Brazell Recently, we sat down with alumna Mackenzie Gear (Christian Leadership, ’18) to discuss her experiences as a student, and how it has prepared her to be the Director of Student Ministries for one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the United States. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Mackenzie first felt … Read more

Student Spotlight: Vonnie Bellamy

Vonnie faithfully attended church most of her life, but was unsure about going back to college after a long break from school. Manna U’s helpful staff and student body encouraged her to take the next step. What made you decide to take classes at Manna U? One day as I was driving on Cliffdale Road, … Read more

Student Spotlight: Andre Spell

When we think about military veterans, it is also fitting to recognize the many ways our veterans are still serving. This student spotlight centers on Andre Spell, a devoted husband and father, who embodies selfless service and sacrifice for the good of others. A North Carolina native, Andre joined the United States Marine Corps in … Read more

Student Spotlight: Astrid Quezada

Manna University’s mission is a global one; it fuels the heart behind the several countries and regions that God has called us to be involved with outside of the United States. Currently we are involved in 5 Latin American countries due to the partnership and tireless efforts of the late Alan Winter. These countries are … Read more

Student Spotlight: Pastor Norman

A few months ago, some of Manna U’s staff took a trip to Hawaii to connect with the Manna U student community on the island of Oahu. Pastor Norman is an instrumental member of Manna U’s student body in Hawaii through his partnership with the Experience Internship and Manna Church. His wisdom and leadership is … Read more

Student Spotlight: Michael Krieg

It began with an Internet search.  Soon after, he found himself driving 10 hours from New Jersey to Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Though it’s only been a little over a year since he’s made roots in the South, Michael Krieg’s decision to make Fayetteville home has been nothing short of transformational.  Read to find out more … Read more

Manna U Student Spotlight – Christina Reed

  What do you do all day? This is a question that makes many people cringe when they hear,  because we all feel busy in our everyday lives, but can’t always recall exactly what they did all day. I know that I felt absolutely overwhelmed with the things going on in my life and wondered … Read more