From Intern to Director: Dee Bowie as the New Director for theEXPERIENCE College Internship

by Kimiko Gray

Deandra “Mama Dee” Bowie’s internship journey began at a Manna Students Thanksgiving “stu” (an old-fashioned term for “student group event”) in 2016. Pastor Nick Ertel, theExperience director at the time, had an internship booth for anyone who wanted information on the program. After speaking with Pastor Nick, Dee was excited to learn that he wanted to start up a counseling track within the internship, and she jumped onboard.

Dee has been a part of theExperience College Internship ever since. After just one semester as an intern, Dee participated in the program’s events and trips, served as the leader of three different tracks, and has been a vocal advocate of the program and its mission to empower young leaders. She has also personally grown because of the program. She believes the internship helped her mature as a person, a wife, and a mother. The program also changed her relationship with scripture.

“I used to hate reading the Bible,” she said. “I didn’t understand it.” However, theExperience helped Dee discover ways to tackle scripture that suited her. Now she loves reading the Bible; “I never miss a day,” she said. As the new director, Dee will oversee the spiritual and personal development of new and returning interns. She plans to give the program a “face-lift,” and “do things a little differently.” At this time, she is still laying the groundwork for such changes, but new and returning interns for years to come can expect to blossom under “Mama Dee’s” loving and watchful eye.

theEXPERIENCE College Internship is a hands-on Ministry Internship that helps students grow in their faith, character, and leadership while gaining their degree. Help us welcome Dee into her new role!

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