Student Spotlight: Jonathan Fletcher

Meet our student spotlight of the week through his answers to a few questions about his life and what he is doing right now.

What is your current occupation?

“I am the Teaching Pastor and Executive Place Site Pastor at Manna Church.”

How did Manna U help you get there?

“Manna U has helped me by providing sound Biblical training to assist in my vocation.”

What was your favorite thing about Manna U?

“My favorite thing about Manna U is that we are not just about people learning information. Rather, we attempt to provide sound Biblical teaching that helps people understand more about God, while at the same time helping them use that knowledge in practical ministry experience.”

Experience at Manna U.

“I have taken classes as both an undergraduate and in the master’s program, and I have found both of those experiences to be incredibly insightful. I feel better prepared as a pastor through my involvement at Manna U.”

There you have it, Pastor Jonathan Fletcher everybody. If you want to learn more about our students here at Manna U and want to see more about our students’ lives let us know in the comments below.