Not My Plans: Student Spotlight – Sade’ Wilson

by Frank Brazell Sade’ Wilson, the child of Army parents, didn’t grow up in any one city, but she did grow up in one place— the Church. She started to take her relationship with God seriously at the age of 15, and after a conversation with a woman while at church, life began to change: … Read more

In His Image… Student Thoughts on Christian Spiritual Formation

In His Image… Student Thoughts on Christian Spiritual Formation Graduate student Lacey Chavira shares her thoughts on Christian Spiritual Formation. Lacey is currently working on her Master of Arts in Christian Leadership degree and has been with Manna U since Spring 2019. ______________________________________________ In order to understand spiritual formation’s connection to character we must first … Read more

Student Spotlight: I was in prison and you came to me

[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=” av_uid=’av-jsqjwrcm’ admin_preview_bg=”] Anibal Gomez was faithfully serving in a prison ministry when he sensed a need to upgrade his approach. The Federal Correctional Institution in Bennettsville, SC, only allowed him to be present in a limited capacity, but the inmates could meet on their own at other times. With his VA … Read more

Transformational Leadership from a Christian Perspective

Learn more about transformational leadership from a Christian perspective and how to be a successful transformational leader.