Dr. Steven S. Crowther Memorial Scholarship

About The Scholarship

This memorial scholarship is awarded to honor Dr. Steven S. Crowther who served as Manna University’s president for 19 years (2003-2022). Dr. Crowther was a compassionate, visionary leader who also pastored 23 years and served for years as a missionary to many Latin American countries.  He was married to his devoted wife, Terri, for 45 years, fathering four children and 14 grandchildren. He is greatly missed by all the Manna University family. 

This scholarship awards a one-time amount of $250 to doctoral students who are in the first semester of their program of study.  It covers tuition and fees in the student’s account, not to exceed the total amount owed that semester. If awarded, students must submit a thank you letter.  Please send this letter to the Dean of Students at studentlife@manna.edu. 

Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria for eligibility:

  • Students must be doctoral students in their first semester of their program of study.
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