Faculty Spotlight – Stephen Love

by Paul Devine This is Kingdom. Stephen Love uses the phrase as a touchstone in all his work as Director of the Worship Ministry program at Manna University. “How does this assignment help an individual align with God’s Great Commission?” Love asks. “In what way is this strengthening their faith, challenging their lifestyle, developing their … Read more

Faculty Spotlight – Christine Bartel

by Paul Devine Taking a class in Manna U’s Counseling Department from Christine Bartel is a bit like joining her personal social network. “I am very relational. I love to know about my students,” Bartel explained. Bartel is active on her classes’ message boards and is often sending emails, or setting up Zoom meetings. She … Read more

Faculty Spotlight – Stefanie Ertel

by Paul Devine Anyone associated with Manna University over the past decade or so has experienced a positive impact from Stefanie Ertel. As Dean of Students from 2012-2019, Ertel oversaw many parts of student life and managed the school’s alumni association. Dean Ertel also directs the undergraduate program in Christian Leadership, a program she helped … Read more