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Manna University is passionate about meeting the needs of local churches by equipping leaders where they are. To this end, we are partnering with multiplication-minded churches to offer our Certificate in Church Leadership Program in an accessible, intensive format. This program is for both lay leaders and church staff-members who desire additional biblical training, and it consists of a series of 8-week courses, taken two at a time over three semesters.
This program is available 100% online. However, students are strongly encouraged to participate in live engagement Zoom meetings on Mondays night from 6 pm to 9 pm. Each course will have approximately 4 Zoom meetings.
All courses are for-credit and may be applied to any further Undergraduate program at Manna University.
Students who qualify for Federal Financial Aid or VA Education Benefits can use them to finance this program.
Full-time students (12 hours per semester) are eligible to apply for the Multiply Church Leader Scholarship (40% tuition discount) if they are not utilizing Federal Financial Aid or VA Education Benefits. All courses in this program are offered in an 8-week format; so, full-time students are taking two courses per 8-week term, totaling four courses per semester.
Part-time students (less than 12 hours per semester) are eligible to apply for the LifeLong Learner Scholarship if they are not utilizing Federal Financial Aid or VA Education Benefits. All courses in this program are offered in an 8-week format; so, part-time students are taking one course per 8-week term, totaling two courses per semester.
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Program Outline​

The outline of this program for the Fall 2024 cohort is as follows:

Fall 2024 A-Term

CLG 201- Spiritual Formation

A study of devotional literature throughout the centuries related to spiritual disciplines, also known as healthy spiritual habits.

THE 101- Introduction to Theology

An introduction to systematic theology that includes basic vocabulary and foundational theological concepts.

Fall 2024 B-Term

BIB 100- Destiny and Calling

A class devoted to the discovery of God’s callings on the life of a student, including how to help others discover their callings.

BIB 111- Introduction to Hermeneutics

This course explores the basics of the art and science of biblical interpretation and application. Students are introduced to the concepts, tools, and technologies used in sound exegetical methodologies

Spring 2025 A-Term

BIB 110- The Life of Christ

This course is a detailed study of the life and ministry of Jesus from the perspectives of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Attention is given to the parables.

Students must select one of the following:

CLG 401- Pastoral Ministry

This course is an introduction to the day-to-day responsibilities of the pastor and gives practical teaching on the challenges encountered daily in shepherding God’s people.

CLG 211- Church Life

This course covers the priority of the Presence of God, the development of the gifts in the body, the role of church leadership, and the role of the five-fold ministry within the local church.

Spring 2025 B-Term

CLG 410- Homiletics

This course gives basic instruction in the preparation of teachings and sermons. Techniques for developing a powerful pulpit ministry are presented and applied.

THE 103- Introduction to Apologetics

This course will help you respond to the honest questions and doubts which believers and unbelievers have about the Christian faith.

Summer 2025 A-Term

CNS 130- Introduction to Counseling

A general introduction to Christian counseling, including an overview of current trends in counseling theory and practice and its application in public, private, and church settings.

THE 301- Kingdom of God

This course is a study of the teachings of Jesus on the essence and form of the Kingdom of God.

Enrolling in​ the Multiply Church Leader Program

General Tuition Rates

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