Academic Advising

The purpose of academic advising is to aid students in selecting the best courses for their individual programs. This will not only help students finish their programs in a timely manner, but will help students take classes in a logical progression.

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Academic Advisors Listed by Program

Undergraduate Christian Counseling

Chris Floro    

Undergraduate Christian Leadership

Stefanie Ertel 

Undergraduate Divinity & Church Leadership

John McIntyre  

Undergraduate Intercultural Studies

Carlos Sanchez

Undergraduate Worship Ministry

Stephen Love  

Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

Dr. Carlo Serrano

Master of Divinity & Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

Dr. Robert Clanton

Doctor of Ministry

Dr. Tom Johnson

Additional Academic Advising

Frank Brazell

How to Register for Courses

How do I register for courses in Populi?

This video shows how to self-register or edit your registration before a semester begins.

Should you need to drop a course after it has started, you’ll need to submit the Course Drop Form.

Have registration questions?

You can be in touch with us by email >

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