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Virginia – Religious Studies Program

Designed as a flexible program for those whose calling does not fit neatly into another degree, or those who have a variety of interests, this interdisciplinary degree offers the most flexibility of all of our graduate programs. Designed around a core of 15 semester hours in Bible/Theology, this degree also includes 15 semester hours of Elective credit which allows students to custom-tailor their Graduate School experience. Students can choose courses from our Graduate course offerings, such as Counseling, Christian Leadership, Intercultural Studies, or Pastoral Ministries, in order to create a program that best suits their calling. All students in this program also complete a Research Methods course, a Practicum, and a Culminating Experience thesis

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Master of Religious studies

The Master of Religious Studies Program (M.R.S) is a graduate degree designed to help Christian leaders attain a degree that is focused on their unique goals and interests. This degree equips emerging leaders to serve well within the local church and the marketplace. Built on a core of Bible and Theology, this flexible interdisciplinary degree allows students to pursue training in their areas of interest.

The M.R.S. is a flexible graduate degree. In this program you’ll learn from a diverse group of scholars, pastors, and practitioners.  You’ll take courses in Bible, theology, biblical research, and biblical leadership. Plus, you’ll get to choose from a wide variety of graduate electives. You’ll put it all together by choosing a practical culminating project or a graduate thesis.

  • Educate (Comprehensive Religious and Scriptural Insight): Students will have an extensive understanding of key religious concepts, themes, and texts, with a strong emphasis on biblical content, relevant to their chosen focus area.
  • Equip (Advanced Research and Leadership Skills): Students will have advanced research skills that are applicable to both exegetical and practical ministry contexts.
  • Empower (Application of Knowledge in Diverse Settings): Students will apply their knowledge and skills across a broad spectrum of environments as demonstrated in their final project, which synthesizes their learning in a substantial, practical output.

Time & Cost

Many people would like to complete a degree and stay out of debt. 

The M.R.S. degree requires 13 courses (or 39 credit hours), which can be completed within 3 years for full-time students. Courses are offered on-campus or online (can be entirely online). Manna U’s low tuition rates enable students to receive solid biblical training from accomplished faculty with years of ministry experience and not be hindered financially.


Graduate Tuition


Scholarships are available for students who do not use military education benefits or federal financial aid.


Full details can be found in the most recent academic catalog.

Graduate Student Orientation

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
MENG 500 Graduate Student Orientation 0

M.R.S Bible / Theology Core Courses

(choose any 5 courses)
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
MBIB 501 New Testament Introduction 3
MBIB 502 Old Testament Introduction 3
MBIB 503 Advanced Hermeneutics 3
MBIB 504 Advanced Theology I 3
MBIB 505 Advanced Theology II 3
MBIB 506 Biblical Greek I 3
MBIB 507 Biblical Hebrew I 3
MBIB 601 Historical Biblical Leaders 3
MBIB 602 Biblical Issues for Leadership 3
MBIB 603* New Testament Exegesis 3
MBIB 604* Old Testament Exegesis 3
*Requires Prerequisite(s)

M.R.S. Research Nonelective

This course is required.
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
MLEA 601 Organizational Research and Analysis 3

M.R.S. Elective Courses

(choose any 5 courses)
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
MCNS 504 Counseling Theory & Practice 3
MCNS 603* Counseling Ethics 3
MCNS 604* Counseling Techniques & Treatment Strategies 3
MCNS 605* Marriage & Family Counseling 3
MCNS 606* Trauma & Crisis Counseling 3
MLEA 501 Organizational Leadership 3
MLEA 502 Christian Leadership Development 3
MLEA 503 Strategic Leadership and Change 3
MLEA 504 Contemporary Leadership Issues 3
MLEA 505 Church Growth Practicum 3
MLEA 603 Global Leadership 3
MMIN 501 The Intercultural Study of World Religions 3
MMIN 502 Contemporary Issues in Apologetics 3
MMIN 503 History of Church Traditions 3
MMIN 504 Introduction to Pastoral Ministry 3
MMIN 505 Introduction to Chaplaincy 3
MMIN 601 Biblical Preaching 3
MMIN 607 Church: Theory & Practice in Contemporary Contexts 3
MMIN 608 Church Development & Expansion 3
*Requires Prerequisite(s)

M.R.S. Practicum

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
MMIN 610 Practicum I 3

M.R.S. Culminating Project

(select either MBIB or MLEA Project Track)
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
MBIB 620 Culminating Project I 3
MLEA 604 Culminating Experience I 3

Commonwealth of Virginia Statement of Exemption

Manna University is a religious institution exempt from state regulation and oversight in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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