The Early College Experience

by Kimiko Gray


Not long ago, Nathalie Fletcher realized she wanted to pursue vocational ministry. To receive the necessary theological training, Nathalie turned to Manna University. She is currently in her second semester, and she has found the experience to be incredibly rewarding. “It was really, really fun,” she said, describing her time at Manna U. What is incredible is that Nathalie is only sixteen years old. How is someone so young able to take classes in college? Nathalie’s opportunity was made possible by Manna University’s Early College (or Dual Enrollment) program. In the Dual Enrollment program, students aged 15 and over can take college classes while still in high school for $75 per credit hour. 

In her first semester, Nathalie took two courses: College Writing and Spiritual Formation. The workload pushed her to balance her schoolwork with her daily life and keep herself organized. Though difficult at times, Nathalie overcame the challenge and grew both as a student and as a daughter of the Lord. Particularly, she said that Spiritual Formation developed her connection with God. Like Nathalie, students in Manna University’s Early College program will be exposed to the rigors and rewards of college academia while still in high school. While the experience is invaluable in preparing young adults for the challenges of higher education, some students may be uncertain about starting college so soon. 

When asked how she would encourage those students, Nathalie pointed to Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” She also suggested that anyone considering the Early College Program should seek God’s counsel on the decision, and then take a step forward in faith. Students can be assured that the rewards will be worth the struggle! 


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