Online Bible College: What to Expect

Online Bible College: What to Expect




We are half way through the year and a lot of students start thinking about where they should attend next year or what courses should they take. Here I will talk about why taking online Bible courses at Manna University could be a great opportunity for you and what you should expect from taking these courses.

What should I expect from an  Bible College Online

Taking online college classes is a great opportunity for students who like to do independent work and have a busy schedule. When you have a busy schedule sometimes it is hard to go to college. Well, here is your solution. Online Bible Colleges give you the opportunity to finish your career in ministry and leadership. Online Bible Colleges do not only provide courses for ministry, but also for any leadership role in the workplace.

Students should expect a more flexible schedule. Which means that it will be easier for them to get their work done while accomplishing other responsibilities they might have. The student should expect to use the Internet for class discussions, assignments, and overall communication. Also, online classes are often available in an 8 week format compared to a full sixteen weeks.

To turn in assignments Manna U uses Populi, which is an online classroom where you can turn in your assignments and keep up with your grades. This website is also used to communicate with professors and staff, check your financial status, register for classes, and much more.

All students are able to use our library. Distance students are able to use the online components available in the library and can also ask for a book to be sent to them via mail. Another online feature that is available is our Writing Center, which helps students with writing, formatting, math, and theology. For more information about our library go to our website .

If you are interested in taking classes with Manna U online click here to see our programs.