Online Bible College: Overview

Online Bible College: Overview



What is an Online Bible College?

Going to an online Bible College is a great opportunity to get your degree in the comfortability of your home. You are able to take college courses online and take care of your daily responsibilities. You can be at work, at the park with your family, in bed, at your parents’ house and still be able to get your work done as long as you have internet connection. This is a great opportunity if you are a busy person and cannot go to a college campus and sit in a classroom.

You can take online courses with Manna U leading to your degree in ministry, leadership, or divinity. Manna U is nationally accredited with ABHE, which is recognized by the Department of Education. This is a great opportunity to establish your career in ministry or develop your leadership skills.

Online college classes are definitely a help for those who need a flexible class schedule or are not located near the school campus. However, to some online classes may be stressful due the style of learning. This style of learning is focused on independent work. While the student will receive feedback and guidance from their online professor, the student will need to be self-motivated to complete their assignments, often even more so than a live class. If you would like to register for classes with our online Bible College please contact us at 910-221-2224.