Online Bible College on How to Study the Bible


Online Bible College on How to Study the Bible

How to: Study the Bible Part I




Lets start with the elephant in the room: “I don’t WANT to read my bible”




Personal Confession:

It wasn’t until the last year or so that I actually developed a desire to read the bible – and even still it’s a discipline. But even after having walked with God for 4-5 years, I felt this undeniable magnetic pull away from reading, it felt like a chore. At a certain point I told God:

I know I should read your Word but I don’t want too…help me, give me the desire”.

It wasn’t until multiple prayer deposits later that I began to develop an affection and craving for the Scripture. Even still it’s something I have to hold myself responsible for. However after making myself carve time in my schedule for it and praying that God would change my heart to be affectionate for his Word – like a muscle that was being exercised I began to notice a change in my appetite for wanting to read God’s Word and a satisfaction in spending time there.


  If that statement resonates with you, don’t lose heart!






Here are some videos on Bible Study that encouraged me personally, enjoy!


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