Online Bible College: Helping Pastors apply lessons learned

Online Bible College: Helping Pastors apply lessons learned


History of Seminaries

Online Bible College Helping Pastors apply lessons learned


In the past ministers would have to take time off to further their education. Seminaries were designed for pastors to take a leave of absence for several years to further their academic training in ministry whether several years to complete an on-Campus Masters of Divinity or weekend intensive classes. The vehicle of online learning has enabled ministry professionals to pursue higher education related to their field without taking time away from their ministry or family life. (Delanarter, Gravett, Ulrich, Nysse, & Polaski, 2011).

Online Bible College

Online Bible College

A recent article in Christianity today highlighted a pastor of a large church that was able to continue fulfilling his pastoral responsibilities while finishing his Bachelor’s degree online. The education could be applied immediately for example sermon prep and other practical skills learned through an online Bible school experience (Eastep, Holloway, Genring, and Quist 2015).

Christian Higher Education

Online Bible Colleges are the redeeming quality for Christian Higher Education. For Bible Colleges to succeed in the future they must be available and affordable. Online divinity, theology, and Christian leadership programs were designed to help people in involved in practical ministry anywhere in the world they are to be in conjunction with on the job experience they are gaining through their current careers and ministry activity (Glader, 2014).


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