Manna University was named one of the top colleges for Online Bachelor’s degree in ministry

Manna University was named one of the best colleges for online ministry degrees by examined multiple colleges with Online Bible College programs and ranked them nation-wide.  The rankings were based on courses offered, student outcomes, and other institutional metrics. Manna University’s Bachelor of Divinity degree was ranked as the second best online Bachelor’s in Ministry in the country!

Manna University’s Bachelor of Divinity

The Bachelor of Divinity degree was developed to prepare students to become pastors. In particular, Manna U’s B. Div was intended to train pastors for mPact Churches(formally Grace Churches International) .  The Bachelor of Divinity program trains students in theology, biblical studies, and practical ministry. The program gives students the training to work in various aspects of ministry and prepares them for graduate studies.  Although the Bachelor of Divinity was originally designed for mPact Churches, the degree program is available to all Manna U students.

Online Bible College

Online Bible College allows students to pursue their education while fulfilling other personal commitments at the same time.  The Online Bible College format caters to non-traditional students who already are actively working in a full-time job, many in churches. The Online College model makes Manna U’s degrees available to students all over the United States. 


Manna U’s faculty are practitioners who are not only academically qualified to teach, but are also practically putting into action what they teach day to day in their own lives. One of the key differences that makes Manna U’s programs special is their experienced faculty. The majority of the classes about practical ministry or how to run the day-to-day operations of a church are taught by adjunct faculty that are pastors or administrators of churches.

Manna University’s other degree programs

Manna U offers multiple degrees and certificates. Students can complete Manna University’s  degrees entirely online. Manna U also offers degree and certificate programs on our main campus and limited programs in Manna U’s extension sites. Please contact Manna University at 910-221-2224 or if you would like more information about our certificate or degree programs.