Manna University Missions


Manna University Missions



Manna University is a Bible College located in Fayetteville, NC. Being so close to Ft Bragg military base Manna U is passionate about impacting people in different countries. Missions are not sideline projects for Manna U, it’s part of who they are. Manna U focuses on equipping leaders to change the world and to do that they must develop leaders around the world. The goal of Manna U is not to produce people with degrees, but to impact the world by advancing the Kingdom of God and training people to do that.

  “Our goal is not to produce graduates but to produce world changers.” -Dr. Steven Crowther Manna University President.


Manna U has hands in many countries, however they are mainly involved in Brazil, Guyana, and Romania. Manna U has two levels to how they do missions.

Level 1:

Send students and faculty to different countries for training leaders through workshops and schools. There they train in leadership, bible, theology, and church planting. This is to help develop local leaders from the country they are in.

Level 2:

Go to help leaders with church planting and church development. They use the concepts of the class Communicating the Relevance of God and orality to evangelize through developing leaders in their own countries and cultures.


Manna U on mission trips puts emphasis on building lasting relationships and continuing to develop current relationships. A good example is the Honduras trip from January 2015.



During the Honduras trip the students and leaders from Manna U hiked 9 miles up a mountain to share the gospel to a tribe located there. Once the team reached the tribe they started to take pictures. However the people of the tribe were frightened because they had not seen a camera,no outsiders have ever visited the village before. After they put the camera away the people began to come out. They played games, ate candy, and listened to a gospel story. When the team finished sharing the gospel they asked if anyone wanted Christ in their lives and the whole village was saved. Due to the help of the team the first church builiding is now being built on the mountain.


This mission trip and others like it are occurring with Manna U students and alumni. Additionally, Manna U is actively involved with partner schools, where their goal is to send out leaders into unreached tribes. They are going where many of us cannot go. Manna U is training on our campus and training people abroad through online classes and partner schools in order to prepare emerging leaders to change the world.