Manna U’s Student Life: Student Ministries


Manna U’s Student Life: Student MinistriesManna U's Student Life: Student Ministries


We have on-campus students that go to churches all over Cumberland County. However, we are connected to Manna Church through different ministries and events. TheExperience Internship is one of the largest aspects that we share with Manna Church. The interns take classes here while they serve and learn at Manna. They are involved in student ministries in middle schools, high schools, and colleges. This type of student ministry is called Rush which means Reaching the Unreached Student Harvest. These specific students (interns) go to different campuses assigned to them in the beginning of the year.

We have many outreach opportunities and events created by the SGA and Manna U students. The Spiritual Development Coordinator of the student body Kevin Owens is the “go to guy” when it comes to SGA events and outreaches. He is the one in charge of all the events where the student body is involved.

We are also connected with the Fayetteville Dream Center downtown and offer a GED Program there. The Fayetteville Dream Center is a place where people who are sex trafficked, hungry, etc. are helped and we show them that they are not alone. We show them that there is still people who do things out of love and that we will not judge them. There are many volunteers that are Manna U students as well and with the Dream center volunteers we just spread the love of God in a practical way.