Students with Disabilities


For students with intellectual disabilities we have a Writing Center that is accessible through email ( The Writing Center is also available by appointment for students to work with one of our staff members.

We also have a Special Learning Needs program, which offers extended time on assignments, separate setting for testing, and tutoring for students. This tutoring is free and accessible for all students, not just those facing intellectual disabilities. There will be accommodations made for students with intellectual disabilities as deemed appropriate. Students are encouraged to reach out to the director of the program, Jaemi Serrano (, to learn more.

Free mentoring is available for all students. We suggest that if a student is struggling they reach out to our Dean of Students ( and we will connect them with a chaplain.



Our facility is laid out with all classrooms on the first floor so that students with disabilities can easily access them. We have handicap parking, handicap restrooms, and easily accessible classrooms. Our library and our admissions offices are on the second floor of our building but we are more than happy to meet students on the first floor and help them with anything they may need from the library or from our admissions staff.