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CETRAM program

Welcome to the President’s Thoughts Page 

This is the area where those who have become part of the “318 Movement” can find information and connection to different events and ministries of Manna University. 

Brazil School

Manna University has a partner school in Brazil called “CETRAM.” It is a school for the training of Indigenous People in the areas of theology, ministry and leadership so that they can lead and plant churches among their own people. This movement of church has 300 churches and many new ones are being planted.

 Brazil students

Recently one of our graduates from that school was killed – Terrence Robin James.


Manna University has begun a scholarship in his name to help indigenous students who have completed the CETRAM program to become students at Manna University.

Brazil students 2

Students such as these who speak English and have completed their Brazil program can attend Manna U on this scholarship to receive further training and equipping in leadership and ministry to further impact their world through advancing the Kingdom of God.

Brazil students 3

In the process students from different indigenous peoples can be reached with the gospel and equipped for ministry and leadership among their own people as well as others.

student cleudes

Some of these students such as Cleudes Silva have been able to come to Manna U and attend the school here through the generosity of partners with Manna U.


In addition, students have come through the programs of Manna University from Costa Rica, Romania, Honduras and South Korea.

We have partnerships with Leadership and Ministry Training Schools in other countries as well in places like Venezuela.

In participating in the 318 movement you partner with Manna University in equipping students in other nations, here locally in Fayetteville and students who will go other places like this team to Guyana.

Guyana Team


 These teams, train leaders, translate oral Bibles, plant churches

Brazil 007 Brazil 016 grad3

and bring the gospel, then those who respond are added to the churches.

As part of the 318 movement you are a participant in these events in advancing the Kingdom of God on the earth. Thank you for your participation with us in equipping God’s people to change the world.

What is the 318 Movement? 

It is individuals that have come together to give $1000 in a year to Manna U to facilitate the different ministries of the college in advancing the Kingdom of God through equipping active Christian leaders. This is similar to the way that Abraham gathered 318 people raised in his own household to defeat the Kings who had taken Abraham’s family and others hostage. The enemy has taken many people and peoples hostage by blinding their eyes to the gospel. Our goal is to come together, to partner together to use the resources God has given us in talent, finances and giftings as a household to raise up leaders to take back what the enemy has stolen in that he has blinded so many to the gospel. The reason we do this is very simple. To quote Count Zinzendorf, “That the Lamb would receive the reward of His Suffering.” The reward of His suffering is you and I and the others we gather through the gospel  and all others who know the Lord standing around the throne to worship Him and to have deep fellowship with Him for eternity. The reward of His suffering is that He would have fellowship with us and multitudes of others forever in eternity. This is the vision of the Lord and we participate in that vision as we equip and send people into Fayetteville and to the ends of the earth to bring light to those who have been blinded by the god of this world.

Opportunities for those in the 318 Movement

For those in this movement we get to work together for these Kingdom purposes. However, there are also other opportunities for us to work together.

1. To receive periodic updates through returning to this webpage as new events happen they will be posted here.

2. To be involved in annual mission trips to some of these areas in which we work in leadership training and other mission activities.

3. To be involved in other local ministries in Fayetteville or other areas: 

a. To become involved in new educational ministries in Fayetteville to help with GED or college preparation for under prepared potential students.  

b. To sponsor small events where you gather people to hear about the ministries and opportunities through the college.

c. To become involved in an initiative to alleviate poverty in different communities.    

d. To become involved in prayer initiatives for the ministries and the people of the college.  

e. To become involved in helping new students as they come to town from other cities and countries.  

The 318 Prayer Initiative

Please pray for: 

Our new Master’s of Christian Leadership program that the Lord will bless the program with many new students and that the program will be truly transformational fo rthe students who will then graduate and make a significant difference in Kingdom advance.

Our ministries in other countries that God will give us momentum and wisdom in building leadership ministry centers that will be effective in equipping godly Christian leaders.

Our distance education program that the Lord will prosper this program in reaching many diverse people to equip them as godly Christian leaders who will impact their area of influence.

Our finances that God will continue to increase us financially so we can have the resources to effectively equip these students in these different contexts through different methods for the purpose of the advance of the Kingdom of God on the earth.


If you would like to connect with one of these opportunities please contact me through my email –


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