Advantages of a Bible College


Advantages of a Bible College


Hello all, my name is Belle and I am a student/intern here at Manna University! I started my freshman year of college at a state university and I quickly realized that God wanted me elsewhere when I had a serious concussion that took me out of school for awhile. As painful as my wakeup call was (figuratively and literally), I am glad to have realized where I am meant to be and that is here pursuing a degree in Christian Leadership! 


Many high school students have reached the point in their studies where they have to start asking the big question:  where do I go from here? College seems to be the obvious answer — but which one to choose?College is a very important next step that helps you grow as a human being, and Bible College should be included into your list of considerations. Bible College is not the stuffy-old-men-in-suits picture you may be thinking of now. It is a great experience full of opportunities that will shape you as a person.There are 3 key reasons to attend a Bible College rather than a secular university.


Gain confidence in your calling

We live in an information age; a world of thoughts, opinions, and personalities is never more than a click away. With so many alternatives to choose from and so many voices competing for your attention, you may not know exactly where you fit in or what your purpose is in this world. Bible College helps instill within you a sense of calling. We are not created for something greater, but for someone greater:  God. You are a beautiful child of God and you have a purpose. When you see yourself through His eyes, you will not have to look to others for purpose because you already know.You can gain confidence in your faith through theological classes. Understanding what you believe and why you believe it strengthens you to face opposition when it comes.


Grow your character

Employers are looking for people of character. Integrity, dependability, and passion are key traits; but they aren’t the kind of things you’ll find on the curriculum of most colleges. Many secular universities have reputations for partying and tardiness. Some employers think twice before they hire a college student. “Are they really reliable?”When going to a Bible College it’s a different ballgame. We are expected to have Christ’s attitude. At Manna U, as at many Bible Colleges, character and a life of service are as important to students’ education as the coursework itself. We set the bar high and because of our experience at the college we are able to live up to it. Those attitudes of integrity and service are going to be treasured by your future employers someday.


Get deeper with God

Faith is what you lean on during finals. Faith is what gets you through obstacles in life. Faith is what leads you and encourages you to persevere. Without a good relationship with God and a strong foundation, how long will your faith last? Going to a Bible College encourages and feeds your relationship with God. Pursuing a Bachelor in Divinity or Christian Leadership takes you through classes that gives you a better understanding of God. Hermeneutics, Theology, and Greek are only some of the classes that can give you a greater understanding of the Creator. With daily interaction and studying you will grow in your relationship. Ultimately it is this relationship that will bring you to your greatest potential and peace.

Your intentionality and actions determine your potential!