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Bigger Dream


You Choose

Due to COVID-19, the Manna U Dream Run 5K is going VIRTUAL in order to provide a safe & more tailored 5K experience for you! We are encouraging all our past and new participants to go the distance while being socially distant.

WHEN? WHERE? HOW? AND WHO? All get to be determined by you. We will also have different race challenges throughout the Dream Run month that could end up with you winning a prize. Be on the lookout for more details on how to compete in these challenges via email and social media updates!

The Dream Run has always been more than a race. Donate to student scholarships at Manna University and service projects for the lower-income community in Fayetteville, NC, through the Manna Dream Center. More information about the cause can be found below. 

How to Participate Virtually

Choose Your Day or Days

Select a day or multiple days to complete your 5K distance (3.1 miles)

Choose Your Method

Run, Walk, or Both. Heck, you can even participate on a treadmill.

Make Your Course

Neighborhood, Public Park, Another State…get creative with the 5K course you design for yourself or your group


Choose to participate individually or with a group while maintaining social distance.

Get Connected Online

Connect with us and other participants on Facebook and Instagram.

Share your run. Share your Results. Stay Updated with Dream Run News.

Our Mission

The Dream Run exists to Connect You to A Bigger Dream. We all have dreams that we hope to accomplish, and many dedicate their whole lives to accomplish them. It’s inspiring to witness, but have you ever thought about the idea of making someone else’s dream come true?

What if you invested in the next CEO whose business made global impact? What if you invested in the next top medical professional who solves a major medical challenge? What if you invested in the next school principal who revolutionizes the whole education system?

The Dream Run sees people for who they could be, and not just who they are now. That is why we have continually partnered with Manna University and the Manna Dream Center. These two non-profit organizations are serving two different audiences who are full of dreams, and we believe they could come true.

Donate today to support student scholarships for emerging leaders being trained at Manna University and service projects for the low-income community in Fayetteville, NC, through the Manna Dream Center.

Connect to a Bigger Dream


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