Ola Mae Hands Scholarship

About The Scholarship

Mrs. Hands’ love for education inspired her and her family to partner with Manna University and start this scholarship.

If awarded, scholarship funds are disbursed in amounts of up to $250 as a one-time amount to cover tuition and fees. Awarded funds may not be used to reimburse a student for previous payments to their account. If awarded, students must send Mrs. Hands a thank-you note. This can be addressed to studentlife@manna.edu.

Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria for eligibility:

  • In order to determine financial need, applicants will be asked to submit their EFC code (complete the FAFSA federal form to receive this).
  • Eligible students may receive 1 funded and 1 unfunded scholarship at a time.
  • This scholarship is renewable, depending on the availability of funds. A new application is required for each academic year.
Apply To This Scholarship

Student Sign-in Required. Sign into your manna.edu student account first and you’ll be all set.