LifeLong Learner Scholarship

About The Scholarship

For undergraduate and graduate students who range from high school graduates taking their first college class to vocational ministers increasing their leadership capacity to grandmothers learning more about their faith, Manna University believes passionately in the role that Christian learning can play in Holy Spirit-driven transformation.

We strive to make this transformative experience as affordable as possible to as many as possible.

Furthermore, Manna University is fully committed to preparing emerging leaders to change the world. We understand that leaders are people who never stop growing, people who are self-motivated to learn both inside the classroom and outside it.

If you are this type of person, we believe that an investment in you is one that will help change the world.

  • 30% off undergraduate tuition per semester.
  • 10% off graduate tuition per semester.
  • Scholarship stays with the student during their current undergraduate program of study (there is no need to re-apply each academic semester or year).

Scholarship Eligibility

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