Rwanda Mentoring Center

Partnering with local ministers to provide biblical training for effective leadership.

The Rwanda Mentoring Center was started to address a need for all local pastors to earn at least a theological certificate from an accredited college in order to pastor a church. Approximately 700 churches have been closed in Rwanda since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The only way these churches will be able to reopen at some point is if the pastors can get the training and credentials that are required.

Manna University has partnered with Dr. Stephen Nsengiyumva and his local church to provide a way for Rwandan pastors to receive this training. The Republic of Rwanda Higher Education Council has approved this mentoring center, and many pastors will receive personal mentoring as they complete the Certificate in Church Leadership program. Our aim is to remove financial obstacles for these pastors to pursue this much-needed training.


According to the The World Bank GroupRwanda’s GDP per capita is $797.90 (in U.S. dollars). For the mentoring center to succeed, this reality will have to be addressed: it is very difficult for Rwandan pastors to afford the extra expense of academic training.

The academic fees for the Certificate in Christian Leadership program amount to $6,970. This does not include costs for books or personal computer access. When Manna University applies a cost-of-living comparison for Rwanda, the academic fees for training are reduced by 90%. This means that we can provide the required training and credentials for $700 per Rwandan pastor.

TOTAL COST: $6,970

Note: books and required class resources are not included in this breakdown, but can be estimated at $100 per course. Tuition rates and fees are subject to change at the discretion of Manna U’s Board of Directors.

Example Breakdown

For the Certificate in Church Leadership program

Application Fee


Semester 1

Tuition for 4 courses (full-time): $2,520
Tuition for Student Orientation: $210
Library card fee (one-time): $10
Technology fee: $100 *

Total Fees: $2,840

* This is per semester

Semester 2

Tuition for 4 courses (full-time): $2,520
Technology fee: $100 *

Total Fees: $2,620

Semester 3

Tuition for 2 courses (half-time): $1,260
Technology fee: $100 *

Total Fees: $1,360

Graduation Fee


Rwanda Mentoring Center Scholarship

To alleviate the financial burden this much-needed training, we have created the Rwanda Mentoring Center Scholarship. By giving $700, you can help make it possible for a Rwandan pastor to receive the required training and credentials to continue to minister and bring the gospel message to their nation.

All gifts are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated! Secure online contributions can be made using the form below.

If you prefer to give by check, please send them to our mailing address:

Manna University
Attn: Bookkeeper’s Office
439 Westwood Shopping Center
PMB 106
Fayetteville, NC 28314

Please contact our offices if you have any questions: 910-221-2224

Thank you for partnering with our vision to prepare emerging leaders to change the world!