Mentoring Center

What Is A Mentoring Center?

A Mentoring Center is a fellowship of believers that participates in an intentional strategy to be part of a higher education learning community. A central component of this commitment is for Manna U to provide formal theological education and training for Christian leaders. Teaching will be conducted online by teachers from Manna University and face to face mentoring will be provided by your mentors and by interactive connection with other faculty members in the Manna U network.

Mentoring Center Benefits

Students would engage in the courses offered online at Manna U and they would be distance education students.

A leader at your location would meet with the students periodically at a time that works for you (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) and mentor them to lead and serve your church body in a way that fits your needs.

Manna U will determine class schedules and offerings in consultation with the Mentoring Center. All syllabi and course materials will be prepared and distributed only by Manna U. All student records and files will be maintained by Manna University. All student fees and faculty compensation will be the responsibility of the College.

All courses will be taught by Manna U faculty. If you have someone locally who is interested in becoming a faculty member at Manna U we encourage them to apply.

The curriculum will be developed and administered by Manna University in collaboration with Center mentors and in view of assessed needs in each area. Manna U will work with the mentoring centers to provide training for your specific needs.

All enrollment, financial aid, billing, registration and other administrative responsibilities are handled by Manna U.

Interested In Becoming A Mentoring Center?

Complete the interest form and a Manna U representative will contact you promptly.

It's not too late to apply for our Spring 2023 semester!