Manna University's Leadership Team

Executive Council

Steven Crowther

Since 2003


Steven Crowther is President of Manna University in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and directs leadership training centers in Venezuela and Colombia. Crowther holds a master’s degree in Theological Studies from Asbury Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership with a major in Global Leadership from Regent University’s School Business & Leadership. In addition, he has been involved in pastoral ministry for over twenty years in various capacities, including associate and senior pastor roles. He has been a business owner and consultant as well as an author published in journal articles and author of the book – Peter on Leadership, A Contemporary Exegetical Analysis and of the recently released book – Biblical Servant Leadership; An Exploration of Leadership for the Contemporary Context. 

Ron McBride

Senior Vice President (Academic Dean)
Since 2015

Cathy Lucas

Vice President of Administration
Since 2015

Stefanie Ertel

Dean of Distance Education
Since 2012

Omayra Coon

Chief Financial Officer
Since 2013

Tom Johnson

Dean of Doctoral Studies
Since 2013

Diane Axon

Dean of Students and Development
Since 2014

John McIntyre

Director of Operations
Since 2017

Frank Brazell

Dean of Enrollment Management
Since 2017

Elsa McBride

Dean of Library Services
Since 2019

Michael Ray

Director of Sites
Since 2020

Elisabeth Chivers

Director of Planning and Assessment
Since 2020

Carlo Serrano

Dean of Graduate Studies and International Sites
Since 2022
Faculty Since 2013