Certificate in Worship Ministry

This program of study includes both instrumental and/or vocal training, as well as opportunities for biblical studies and team leadership training.

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Solid biblical training from accomplished faculty with years of ministry experience.

Worship Ministry students are required to participate in local-church worship-team practices and church services at designated times each week of the semester. Distance education and online students will complete this worship-team requirement at a local church within each of their own communities.

Worship Ministry students must also pay a Worship Practicum fee for each Applied Instrumental Techniques course that they take. For the 2021-22 year, this fee is $300 per Applied Instrumental Techniques course (12-15 vocal or instrumental lessons per course). For each A.I.T. course, students may specialize in one area or complete a combination of two. It is strongly recommended that students take only one Applied Instrumental Techniques course per semester.

All students, both on-campus and distance education, who intend to enroll in the School of Worship Ministry must audition with the program director either in-person or digitally. In addition to the 31 credit hours of academic studies, students are required to fulfill the Leadership in Action requirement.


Program Objectives

  • Equip the student with the tools to communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Give the student a sense of preparedness by providing practical worship ministry experience.
  • Equip the student to integrate Christian principles into critical thinking and decision-making in one’s personal and/or professional life.
  • Give the student a working knowledge of Biblical concepts of worship ministry to meet the needs of diverse audiences/targeted age groups and organizational settings.
  • Equip the student to integrate a Biblical worldview into the practice of worship ministry and leadership.
  • Give the student an understanding of music theory and application within a worship ministry context.
  • Equip the student with an understanding of historical and Biblical models of worship ministry with their implications for the contemporary context.

Time & Cost

Many people would like to complete a degree and stay out of debt. 

The Certificate in Worship Ministry program requires 10 courses + Student Orientation (or 31 credit hours), which can be completed in 1 year for full-time students. Courses are offered on-campus or online (can be entirely online). Manna U’s low tuition rates enable students to receive solid biblical training from accomplished faculty with years of ministry experience and not be hindered financially.

2022-2023 Undergraduate Tuition Rate = $210 per credit hour


Example Breakdown


Application Fee: $50


Semester 1

Tuition for 4 courses (full-time): $2,520
Tuition for Student Orientation: $210
Library fee: $75 *
Technology fee: $150 *

Total Fees: $2,955

* This is per semester


Semester 2

Tuition for 4 courses (full-time): $2,520

Library fee: $75 *
Technology fee: $150 *

Total Fees: $2,745


Semester 3

Tuition for 2 courses (half-time): $1,260

Library fee: $75 *
Technology fee: $150 *

Total Fees: $1,485


Worship Practicum Fees

WSH 110 Applied Instrumental Techniques I: $350

WSH 111 Applied Instrumental Techniques II: $350

Total Practicum Fees: $700


Graduation Fee: $200


TOTAL COST: $8,135

Note: books and required class resources are not included in this breakdown, but can be estimated at $100 per course.  Tuition rates and fees are subject to change at the discretion of Manna U’s Board of Directors.

Scholarships are available for students who do not use military education benefits or federal financial aid.


Full details can be found in the 2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

Leadership in Action
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
LIA 101 Leadership in Action (Eight Semesters) Pass/Fail
Student Orientation

Course Number

Course Name

Credit Hours

ENG 107

Undergraduate Student Orientation


Bible & Theology Electives

Students Must Complete All Twelve Credit Hours

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
BIB 100 Destiny and Calling 3
BIB 101 Old Testament Survey 3
BIB 103 New Testament Survey 3
BIB 104 Hermeneutics 3
BIB 201 Writings of John 3
THE 101 Introduction to Theology 3
THE 301 Kingdom of God 3
Total Credit Hours: 12
General Studies Nonelectives

All Students Must Take ENG 111


Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
ENG 111 College Writing 3
Total Credit Hours: 3
General Studies Electives

Select Any Three Credit Hours

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
CNS 130 Introduction to Counseling 3
ENG 101 Effective Communication 3
ENG 112 Research and Writing 3
HST 101 Church History I 3
HST 201 Church History II 3
HUM 130 Communicating to Oral Cultures 3
MTH 211 College Mathematics 3
PHL 101 Philosophy and Worldview 3
SCI 301 Creation Science 3
Total Credit Hours: 3
Leadership Electives

Select Any Three Credit Hours

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
CLG 145 Leadership Practicum I(a) 1.5
CLG 146 Leadership Practicum I(b) 1.5
LEA 201 Ethics 3
Total Credit Hours: 3
Ministry Electives

Select Any Nine Credit Hours

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
PHL 120 Philosophy of Leading Teams 3
WSH 110 Applied Instrumental Techniques I 1
WSH 111 Applied Instrumental Techniques II 1
WSH 122 Music Theory I 3
WSH 123 Music Theory II 3
WSH 180 Weekend Experience 1(a) 0.5
WSH 181 Weekend Experience 1(b) 0.5
WSH 230 Worship Essentials 3
WSH 270 Songwriting 3
Total Credit Hours: 9


To become a student at Manna U, follow these two steps:

1.  Complete an application, which includes:

  • A non-refundable application fee of $50 (linked to application)
  • An essay, written by the applicant, of his/her conversion experience (300-600 words), in a format that is typed and double spaced, using 12 pt. font size;
  • A Pastoral Reference* from the Pastor of the church that the applicant regularly attends;
  • A Personal Reference* from someone who has known you for two years or more and is not related to you.
    * Applicants will enter an email address for their selected references and a link to the online reference forms will be sent once the application is submitted.

2.  Order your official high school, G.E.D., or previous college transcripts (minimum 2.0 GPA is preferred).

Note: official transcripts are sent directly from one school/college to another. You can arrange to have your transcripts sent electronically to registrar@manna.edu, or a paper copy can be sent to our mailing address:

Manna University
Attn: Registrar’s Office
439 Westwood Shopping Center
PMB 106
Fayetteville, NC 28314

Students who plan to use military education benefits must submit transcripts from high school and all colleges attended.

If you are a student transferring from another college or university, click here for more information.

Sofia’s Story

Like most of today’s college students, Sofia leads a busy life. Fitting in time for studies was a challenge on top of work and serving in her local church, but she sensed the need to be more prepared for her calling.

“The atmosphere of open mindedness and consistent encouragement is what I have appreciated the most during my time at Manna U. It has taught me to not be ruled by people’s expectations but instead be ruled by God’s voice as he reveals my calling step by step. For that I am truly grateful.”

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69% of Manna U students receive financial aid or scholarships, and the GI Bill® is accepted. Our generous transfer credit policy helps students move quickly toward their degree. All of Manna U’s certificates and degrees can be completed online.

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Jesus chose twelve leaders who were from differing backgrounds. Many religious leaders in that time would have overlooked them. Through teaching and training, He prepared them to lead a movement that changed the world. Whatever your call may be, training at Manna U can help you engage in this kind of transformational leadership.

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